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Congratulations on your 75th Birthday. I wish that all your dreams and wishes for the coming years will be fulfilled.

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For your 75th birthday I wish you lots of fun, great gifts, health, happiness and success and that we will celebrate your 100th birthday together!

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As you celebrate your 75th birthday, I hope that you are surrounded by love and that the joy that you have given in your life is returned to you.

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Happy 75th birthday! I am so thankful for you and all the wonderful times that we've shared.

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Congratulations on your 75th Birthday. If somebody calls you 'old,' then throw your teeth and hit him with your crutch

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Birthdays are natures way of saying we need to eat more cake. Have a wonderful 75th!

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A true friend remembers your birthday, but not your age. Happy 75th birthday!

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Do not forget to put on the sunglasses, if you want to blow out the 75 candles on your birthday cake. So many lights can dazzle!

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Congratulations on your 75th Birthday for the best grandma in the world. I want to thank that you're always there for me and I hope many more birthdays to celebrate with you.

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Wishing you a joyful and remarkable 75th birthday!

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All the best for the 75th Birthday! I come to you today to have some drinks. If an old bag like me sitting next to you, you will feel much younger.

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Greetings to the 75th Birthday to the coolest grandpa in the world. I wish you health, happiness and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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May your 75th birthday and each day that follows be filled with happy moments. Happy Birthday to the world's best grandpa! Enjoy each and every moment.