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There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.

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Jesus was a strange hobo who walked on water—

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Aw I don't wanta go to no such thing, I just wanta drink in alleys.'...
But you'll miss all that, just for some old wine.'
There's wisdom in wine, goddam it!' I yelled. 'Have a shot!

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... vanity of vanities.. all is vanity. You Kill yourself to get to the grave. Especially you kill yourself to get to the grave before you even die, and the name of that grave is 'success'...

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- Dobbiamo andare e non fermarci finché non siamo arrivati.
- Dove andiamo?
- Non lo so, ma dobbiamo andare.

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The trouble with fashions is you want to fuck the women in their fashions but when the time comes they always take them off so they don't get wrinkled.
Face it, the really great fucks in a man's life was when there was no time to take yr clothes off, you were too hot and she was too hot - none of yr Bohemian leisure, this was middleclass explosions against snowbanks, against walls of shithouses in attics, on sudden couches in the lobby -
Talk about yr hot peace.

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Don't use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.

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...the restaurant itself is weird especially because of a big raunch mad thicklipped sloppy young Fillipino woman sitting alone at the end of the restaurant gobbling up her food obscenely and looking at us insolently as tho to say "Fuck you, I eat the way I like splashing gravy everywhere (p. 156)

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Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy

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He had become completely mad in his movements; He seemed to be doing everything at the same time. It was a shaking of the head, up and down, sideways; jerky, vigorous hands; quick walking, sitting, crossing the legs, uncrossing, getting up, rubbing the hands, rubbing his fly, hitching his pants, looking up and saying 'Am,' and sudden slitting of the eyes to see everywhere; and all the time he was grabbing me by the ribs and talking, talking

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One man practicing kindness in the wilderness is worth all the temples this world pulls.

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The little flowers grew everywhere around the rocks, and no one had asked them to grow, or me to grow.

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She brooded and bit her rich lips: my soul began its first sink into her, deep, heady, lost; like drowning in a witches' brew, Keltic, sorcerous, starlike.

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Why did God make all this all so decayable and dieable and harmable and wants to make me realize and scream?

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Hateful bitch of a world, it wouldn't ever last.

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She spoke of evenings in the country making popcorn on the porch. Once this would have gladdened my heart but because her heart was not glad when she said it I knew there was nothing in it but the idea of what one should do.

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Un dolore mi trafisse il cuore, come succedeva ogni volta che vedevo una ragazza che mi piaceva andarsene in direzione opposta alla mia in questo mondo troppo grande.

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He was out to get back everything he'd lost; there was no end to his loss; this thing would drag on forever.

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An awful realization that I have been fooling myself all my life thinking there was a next thing to do to keep the show going and actually I'm just a sick clown and so is everybody else...

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I dunno, remember when we were in East St. Louis with George, and Jack you said you'd love those beautiful dancing girls if you knew they would live forever as beautiful as they are?" (p. 173)