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For the sake of your dreams, don't create negative brands for yourself, else you scare away opportunities that are meant to be your turning point!

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Why did you marry Dad, Mom?"
My mother sniffled through her nose, looked at me, then smiled.
"I wanted something more and he was it. We both had big dreams."
"That must have taken a lot of courage," I said. "To marry Dad. He was so different from you."
"It was hardly courageous. It was just the only thing to do. We were in love.

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Multiply your potentials with your plans and it will be equal to your purpose of existence. Your potentials are your seeds of greatness.

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You may cry out tears for misplacing your money, but you got to cry out blood if you have misplaced your dreams. Sadly, you may not even know the great deal of influence you loss when you misplace your dreams, so how will you cry for such a loss?

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You may have the greatest vision, plans or goals as you may term it. You can call it Vison 2020, Vision 2045 or whatever. But remember, not work is done unless a distance is covered!

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There are no such words like "over-dreaming" or dreaming without "biometric verification". You can dream over and over again! You don't need a certificate to dream big!

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You got the eggs in you; the world is fully ready to celebrate the chicks out of your laying labour. Never give up. Go and breed! Go and breed great dreams.

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Never keep staring at the dreams you have on the paper... Don't just live like a spectator. You have the power, you have the mine, you have the skills, you can dribble your obstacles to get your goals moving to the other

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A man of vision cannot question his potentials. He does not doubt his capabilities. He keeps going because he had seen himself gone already in his visions.

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If you truly want to pursue and achieve the success you were created for, you must recognize the role of vision, the significance of dreams and the power of actions without which you are just making a living.

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You are the steer of your God given dreams. By the authority from the Holy Spirit of God, you will able to bend a curve where the road has a bend; you will be able to reverse your movement when the need be.

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Now-people” are winners; they say “now” and they do it now! That’s the spirit we need, my friends. If you have the goals and the environment is clear enough, go ahead and do it now!

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If you want your dreams to work out for you, you must work with them. Pay the price and have the package of your accomplishments in full versions.

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Stop blaming people for not making you to achieve your dreams. The question is "are they the people having those dreams?

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Big dreams are marathons. Passionate actions are marathons of marathons! Waiters don't deserve it; Quitters don't get it!

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Passionate people are always ready to stand for their dreams even if no one stand with them. They vote and vote alone for their dreams but never loss their nomination for excellent leadership!

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Me: I am very busy now. Can you please excuse me for few minutes?
She: Oh ok. But why are you sweating all over your body?
Me: I am very busy, that is why. I am dreaming extra-large dreams.

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Whatever dream God gave to you is for the comfort of those God keeps around you!

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A dream is the frame or portrait or a construction or focus of one's vision by means of perception, based on what he or she knows and settles within via strategic thinking.