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Well, in the meantime, Carter and I have been discussing the matter of Ryan." This time it wasn't the clang of a pan I heard, but instead a messy smack--the contact of Carter's backhand with Dean's head, I presumed. "Just hear me out. You have options. I have an Italian uncle. He'll make sure Ryan is sleeping with the fishes by next week."

"Dean!" Unable to repress my amusement, my eyes flew wide and my grin grew.

"Either that, or we can go all Sweeney Todd on him and--"

"Oh, will you stop?" My laughter was crippling. "There will be no calls to your uncle and no trip to the barber shop--please, leave Sweeney Todd out of it.

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Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel when I’m around you: confused, but still satisfied.' I freeze, trying to figure out how to cancel it out and replace it with something that sounds a whole lot less like sex and a candy bar ad.

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Alice, winning means manipulation. It means taking people—people who may have helped you in the past, even people you care about—and using them without hesitation or regret. It means making decisions that would be viewed by any normal-thinking human being as cynical at best and dishonorable at worst

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Wait, and you had to ask him if Faye’s in danger? IF? Okay, first of all, I’m just going to admit that I didn’t know Japan had a Mafia, but I also didn’t know they got a Disney World. If someone gets an invitation from the Mafia, I’d say there’s potential for a bit of danger, wouldn’t you? I mean, am I the only one here who saw Goodfellas?

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Do not, she urged her inner vixen, look at the way those blue jeans fit his lean legs. Do not notice how he’s filled out in all the right places.

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Wade sighed. “I’ll never understand why women wear bras to start with. They look uncomfortable as hell.”
“They’re not that bad.”
“Turn around so I can fasten the damn thing for you.”
She refused to let go. Suddenly it seemed important to do this one small task alone. “I can do it, Wade. I need to get used to doing things with this cast.”
He crossed his arms over his chest as he watched her struggle. “Is it so hard to ask for help from me, Gracie?”
She tried the two small hooks once more, but failed to get them both attached. “No, it’s just that I’m not used to people offering, I guess.”
He moved around her and helped fasten the contrary hook. When she turned to tell him thanks, he placed his finger over her lips and murmured, “If you thank me, I’ll spank you. Knowing I haven’t been able to catch your stalker, that he broke into your home and trashed your things and I wasn’t able to stop him makes me feel as fucking useless as tits on a bull. The least I can do is fasten your bra.

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If it's to be, it's up to me.

to which I add;

If not now...then when?

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Trace was just one of those guys who caught your attention no matter if you had a ring on your finger. He would be hot 'til the day he died. Seriously.

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Because trying to think of how to ask a woman you’ve known for exactly two days if she’d be willing to get into a car with you and take a road trip across the country was something I hadn’t quite worked up to yet.

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It’d been a long time since they’d been together, but as close as they were physically, they’d never been so far apart in every other way.

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I held a precious, beautiful butterfly in my hands but let it get away.

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After all, Sergios was not all bad. He was tough, ruthless, arrogant and selfish, but while he might have the morals of an alley cat, he had been remarkably kind to her mother.

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My body is on fire, aching and clawing at me to set it free. It wants to come out to play alright. It wants recess with Ian. He’s everything I’m not, and I love it.

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I underestimated your laziness.”
“It’s pronounced intelligence, Kirk.

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..then he pushed the call button again and asked, "Are you sleeping with anyone?"

"Why is that any business of yours?"

"Because I want to fuck you, Eva. I need to know what's standing in my way, if anything.

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Put me down, I’m too heavy.”
“You’re small enough to fit in my pocket.

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Alice, I am the game, and trust me: you don’t want to play me.

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I solved world hunger.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Oh, ye of little faith.”

“You realize that solving world hunger would mean you’d be doing something good for a change?”

“Ah, but there’s the kicker: I destroyed my solutions.” He finally looks away from the window and gives me this cocky smirk. “Malevolence 101, Kirk.

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This girl owns me, whether she realizes it or not. I'm a slave to her will.

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Didn’t you read the invitation? There’s going to be a game in a little while--the big Twister game in an hour. Make sure you eat plenty of bread.