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Q: What would David Beckham's name be if he was a Spice Girl?
A: Waste of Spice

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Q: What do Barry Manilow and David Beckham have in common?
A: A: They are both f***ing useless singers.

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Q: Why is David Beckham like a Ferrero Roche?
A: They both come in a posh box

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Q: What's the difference between David Beckham and Posh?
A: Posh Spice doesn't kick back when she's taken from behind.

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Q: What do the England footbal team and Posh Spice both have in common?
A: They've both been screwed by David Beckham.

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Q: What do David Beckham and British rail trains have in common.
A: They both go in and out of Victoria