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I think a person can do one of two things in life ... make your own choices despite the past or let your past make your choices for you. Very few poeple go through life completely untouched by something bad. It's just up to the individual on how much of that bad you want to define who you are where it should be that YOU define who you are.

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I owe a huge debt to Anaïs Nin, because I fell into her diaries, essays, and collected letters in my Twenties and Thirties like a fish falling into water. She was, in some ways, a deeply flawed human being, and perhaps she makes a strange kind of hero for someone like me, committed to the ethical and spiritual dimensions of my craft as well as to the technical ones, but a hero and strong influence she remains nonetheless.

Source: Her blog.

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A person could himself distinguish the human beings into different kind only, but a different person being only kind could distinguish himself to be a human.

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Try to understand men, if you understand eachother you will be kind to eachother. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and nearly always leads to love.

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Don't stop yourself from greatness before you've begun from fear or from self-doubt. You were put here on this planet to do great things, to pioneer change by way of your own personal uniqueness, and to express yourself and share your happiness with others.

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Be like an infant baby, who doesn’t ask his or her mother if he or she can pee on her or not, he or she just does. If you want to do something, don’t ask or think about other people, just do it. For you are the only one who has to live with the consequences.

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Sometimes negative thoughts are just like negative prints. All they require is to be immersed in the right formulation of solution to develop them into beautiful pictures that can imprint positive footprints into the heart and mind of others.

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Civilization is only possible for deeply unpleasant animals. It is only an ape that can be truly civilized.

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I am who I say I am,
I'm not some fantasy
of how you think you think you know
or who I ought to be.
I am a girl who is growing up
in my own sweet time,
I am a girl who knows enough
to know this life is mine.
I am this and I am that and
I am everything in-between.
I'm a dreamer, I'm a dancer,
I'm a part-time drama queen.
I'm a worrier, I'm a warrior,
I'm a loner and a friend,
I'm an outspoken defender
of justice to the end.
I'm the girl in the mirror
who likes the girl she sees,
I'm the girl in the gypsy shawl
with music in her knees.
I'm a singer and a scholar,
I'm a girl who has been kissed.
I'm a solver of equations
wearing bangles on my wrist.
I am bigger than i ever knew,
I am stronger than before,
I am every girl I have ever been,
and all that are in store.
I am who I say I am.
I'm not some fantasy.
I am the me I am inside.
I am who
I chose
to be.

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Live Everyday with No Regrets, So you don't Regret it One day.

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Blessed are ones who are all dressed-up in the outfit of the life’s simplicity in reality and the stressed-out are all those who are busy keeping the practicality in totality in life.

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The purpose of pain in life is to regain the inner power of the mind and the innate courage of the heart; to start going from strength to strength to attain, retain and sustain the noble goal cherished in the soul.

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Freedom of speech does not mean disgusting and disrespecting someone or someones faith. Freedom of speech means speaking against the wrong and not against someones faith.

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One can change the small minds, but it is tad difficult to do it with the small heart whose soul is in small mind only.

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We are all hungry for love, acceptance and belonging. Rejection can still feel like death.

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Nothing is enough that doesn't come with peace of mind. Nothing is enough that doesn't come with love.

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Just when the butterfly thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.