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Q: Why did Lebron sign up for a Discover card?
A: He heard if he got enough points, he could travel for free.

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Q: Why does Lebron James drive an automatic car?
A: He cant handle a clutch.

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Q: What do you call the three superstars who decided to play together for the Miami Heat next season?
A: The Three Mi-Egos

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Q: How do you know when you've found Lebron James' cell phone?
A: It's one of the most best phones ever made but it only has 2 rings.

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Q: What does it mean when your movie theater requires you to put your cell phone in Lebron mode?
A: No ring

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Q: Why isn't Lebron allowed around small children?
A: He considered a CHOKE Hazard!

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Q: If a woman proposed to LeBron, what would he say?
A: Nothing, he chokes up at the sight of a ring.

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Q: Why does LeBron only eat boneless buffalo wings?
A: Because he has a tendency to choke

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Q: Why shouldn't Lebron worry about dislocating his ring finger?
A: It's not like he was planning to use it any time soon!

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Q: What was Skip Bayless' last nightmare about?
A: Lebron James winning an NBA Championship!

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Q: What do LeBron James and a Blonde have in common?
A: They both suck and then get a ring.

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Q: Why did the chinese restaurant shut down?
A: Because like Lebron they couldn't deliver!

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Q: How does Lebron James know he has a fever?
A: When the number on the thermometer matches the number of people in his entourage!

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Q: What is the formula for the perfect athlete?
A: Add 3 quarters of Lebron with 1 quarter of Tebow.

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Q: How Many points did Lebron James score against the Jazz?
A: James scored so much, Utah made him an honorary Mormon!

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Q: Why doesn't Lebron James shake the hands of the other team after a game?
A: Because they hurt so much from carrying his team all season long!

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Q: Why is Dwayne Wade (3 years at Marquette University) proof that basketball players should stay in school?
A: He recruited Lebron James (no-college) & Chris Bosh (1 year at Georgia Tech) to take less money and play second fiddle to him!

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Q: Why doesn't the apple fall far from the tree?
A: LeBron chokes in the playoffs, his mom chokes on Delonte!

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Q: Why did Lebron James choose not to go to College?
A: Lebron likes to avoid the finals!

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Q: What do you call three highly spirited all-stars playing for one team in South Beach?
A: An injury waiting to happen!