Quotes about Legend Of The Peace Panda

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When will world leaders learn that you can never obtain peace by using war and aggression. They must find other avenues that will lead humanity to peace.

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When you're feeling down and out...Just lift your head up look at the stars.
Look how they shine so bright for you
and everything you do. Know that you are loved!

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Injustice against some...is injustice against all!

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May we always remember that our great nation has not survived over 200 years by itself but by it's people working together in unity for the good of our country. Possibly having diversity in many aspects of our lives except in one...our spirits. For the ancient wise saying still stands true today...United We Stand, Divided We Shall Fall!

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Your words contain great power. So declare that you will prosper despite every difficulty that you may encounter in your life. You are not here just to survive...So overcome and thrive!

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Every time we have a thought...it affects our world in either a negative or positive way. Help brighten humanity with positive, loving, peaceful thoughts.

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Got Compassion? You Should...It's FREE!

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To all going though despair and turmoil in their lives, you must keep the faith to see the calm beyond your troubles and the hope of better days ahead!

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We are all spiritual beings
and our calling is to
LOVE our neighbor,
STAND against injustice
and to show COMPASSION to ALL!

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Vivre la vie à votre meilleur
"Live life to your best

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You Love ❤️ Me...You Can't Buy Me.
You Hate Me...You Can't Sell Me!

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Empower children lives and they will be able to change the world!

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No matter what happens in your life...always try to chose the less stressful roads in your life. They will positively always lead you quicker to the land of happiness!

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The only good thing in me is Christ. Without being spiritual in my life... I am and have nothing!

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If our life was perfect...heaven would be meaningless!

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Violence or Peace...it's up to humanity to pick the road it wants to walk down.
The choice is completely ours!

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Love produces peace and harmony whereas hate causes distress and disharmony...So be a lover and not a hater!

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As long as you have peace in your heart and you can dream of world peace, one day you shall see your dream awaken among all of mankind.