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Je cherche dans la mort la vie,
Dans la prison la liberté,
La santé dans la maladie,
Dans le traître la loyauté.
Mais mon infortune est si grande
Que le destin impatienté,
Si l'impossible je demande,
M'a le possible refusé.

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Live each day as if it were your last, for one day, you're sure to be right.

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Une lutte qui semble perdue, est la plus excitante.

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I want to take a break from everything,to find out if.....i'm still ALIVE!

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Perception believed is reality achieved

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Looking at the fire on the stone.

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You saved my life.I trust you until you give me a reason to do otherwise

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You love life because life's all there is.

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Who knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men? A copper, that's who. (...)You saw how close men lived to the beast. You realized that people like Carcer were not mad. They were incredibily sane. They were simply men without a shield. They'd looked at the world and realized that all the rules didn't have to apply to them, not if they didn't want them to. They weren't fooled by all the little stories. They shook hands with the beast.

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Even the most artistic of imaginings can sometimes seem callow in the face of truth. That which appears may not be and that which lies hidden may just be the stark, naked face of reality.

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Even English Language doesn't provide you with the Synonyms of the word Success.

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Della ricchezza non ci importa nulla.
Del potere non ci importa nulla.
Di voi ricchi potenti famosi signori dell’economia e della politica e della cultura, di tutti voi vincenti non c’importa nulla.
E state pur certi che non tenteremo di rubarvi il posto, non tenteremo di portarvi via il pane d’oro, state pur certi che delle vostre grandi cose non desideriamo nulla.
Perché sempre di più, e sempre più spesso, noi andiamo alla ricerca dei secondi, dei minuti, delle ore lente. Sempre di più desideriamo il vuoto, la leggerezza, la pace d’un soffio di vento che giunge da lontano e che va lontano.
A voi ricchi potenti famosi signori, a tutti voi, lasciamo volentieri questo mondo qui.
Noi ci prendiamo tutto il resto, noi ci prendiamo la vita.

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We are healed to help others. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are saved to serve, not to sit around and wait for heaven.

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Weißt du, Jimmy, ich glaube, es wird ganz lustig sein, ein Weilchen in einer Redaktion zu sitzen."
"Ich fände es schon sehr lustig, wenn ich _irgendwo_ sitzen dürfte... Na ja, da bleibe ich eben zu Haus und passe auf das Baby auf."
"Sei nicht so verbittert, Jimmy, es ist ja nur vorübergehend."
"Das ganze Leben ist nur vorübergehend." (S. 250)

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Most of things in life are two way, like sometimes, there are tears of happiness too.

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I've found that replacing one thing for another only means you don't yet know where the glitches are.

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Anyone can grow into something beautiful.

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The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel

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Since I'm a novelist I'm the opposite of you - I believe that what's most important is what cannot be measured. I'm not denying your way of thinking, but the greater part of people's lives consist of things that are unmeasurable, and trying to change all these to something measurable is realistically impossible.

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Life is a strong drink served up in an extremely short, and fragile shot glass. We shouldn't waste a single drop.