One-Liners Jokes

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Q: Why does britney have such a big belly button?
A: Her boyfreind's are blond too!

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Q: What would happen if Eminem became anorexic, and started wearing sunglasses from now on?
A: He'd be the 'Real' Slim Shady

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Q: Why did George Bush and Andy Card agree that Andy could no longer have a cabinent position?
(Andy Card is the Chief Of Staff, who originally told George W Bush the country was under attack on 9/11)
A1: Because he doesn't promote inhumane torture (Attorney General: Alberto Gonzales)
A2: Because he didn't originally provide body armor to our troops in Iraq (Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfield)
A3: Because he didn't fuck up the government handling of Katrina (Homeland Security Chief: Michael Chertoff)
A4: He didn't expose any CIA Agents (Carl Rove)
A5: He didn't shoot old men in the face (Vice President Dick Cheney)
Q: What did George Bush do when he heard about the devastation of Katrina?
A: Out of force of habit he got out a copy of 'My Pet Goat' and started reading it

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Q: What do you call dumbass fans who can't understand the concept of humour?
A: Dollyfans

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Q: Why does Snoop Dogg use conditioner?
A: Fo’frizzel

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Q: why did snoop dogg buy a german cook book?
A: Fo’ schizlet

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Q: Did you hear about Ted Bundy's emotional state the day of his electrocution?
A: I heard he got really hot under the collar.В 

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Q: Have you seen Ray Charles wife?В 
A: Neither has he!

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Q: The day after Miley changed her name, Her Father Billy Ray Cyrus decided to change his name in a Nasheville court Billy Cougar Melloncamp
A: When asked why the change his answer: "I've got my OWN career to think about!"

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Q: What did Diana Ross eat for dinner?
A: Taco supremes

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Q: What do George Michael and Bill Cosby have in common?
A: They both have brown dicks...

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Q: What's the difference between Madonna and a Kit Kat?
A: You only get four fingers in the Kit Kat.

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Q: What has 22,000 arms, 22,000 legs and 11,000 heads and a IQ of 12?
A: 11,000 fans at a Miley Cyrus Concert.

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Q: What's the difference between George W Bush and an average student?
A: An Average student can't find Iraq on a Map, George W can get out of Iraq

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Q: Why is the real world going to be harsher than George Michael's 8 week jail sentence?
A: Because now he has to solicit sex on a Razor scooter!

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Q: Why can Snoop never hold onto a hot pocket?
A: Because he drops it like its hot!

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Q: What was snoop's favorite childhood song?
A: Puff The Magic Dragon

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Q: What did Tony yayo say when 50 Cent got a new sweater?

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Q: Did You know that Kurt Cobain had realy bad dandruff?
A: Yes, they found his 'Head and Shoulders' behind the couch.

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Q: What's white, jelly like and runs down a public toilet wall?
A: George Michael's latest release!