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Faith is a three dimensional action verb".

~R. Alan Woods [19998]

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I have often been accused of being obtuse, however one must dig well below the top-soil to get my drift".

~R. Alan Woods [2012]

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First, it is largely unknown just how the Holy Spirit interacted with the author of an original Biblical manuscript- 'passive' vs. 'active' (I contend that it was both/and). Secondly, it is also widely unknown just what the 'process' involved in 'canonization' was. Additionally, I see little evidence of the injection of personal bias if any by the Biblical authors.

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In my opinion, I'm quite certain that Dr. Miroslav Volf most always means simply what he says and says exactly what he means and he no more speaks in 'code' than I do".

~R. Alan Woods [2012]

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There are three people one can never reason with: a drunk, a crazy person, and a fool.

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~ The One Who Loves You As You Are ~

As beautiful as a starlit sky

As delicate as a lotus blossom

As deep as still clear water

As priceless as your soul

As mysterious as the universe

As loving as love itself

Know this,

You are worthy to be truly loved

You are worth fighting for!