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Really, Sage? A date?"
I sighed. "Yes, Adrian. A date."
A real date. Not, like, doing homework together," he added. "I mean like where you go out to a movie or something. And a movie that's not part of a school assignment. Or about something boring."
"A real date." I figured I wouldn't give him the specifics on the Shakespheare play.
"What's the lucky guy's name?"
There was a pause. "Brayden? That his real name?"
"Why are you asking if everything's real? You think I'd make any of this up?"
"No, no," Adrian assured me. "That what's so ynbelievable about it. Is he cute?"
I glanced at the clock. It was time for me to meet my study group. "Gee, maybe I should just send you a picture to review?"
"Yes, please. And a full background check and life history."
"I have to go. Why do you care so much anyway?" I finally asked in exasperation.
His answer took a long time, which was uncharacteristic.

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