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A friend is someone who can brighten your day with a simple smile, when others try to do it with a thousand words.

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A person who speaks his own words makes the true sense to the world and, therefore, the real difference in the lives of the people to whom he speaks directly or indirectly.

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By perseverance the snail made it to Noah's Ark

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If you are in a game and you always win, then remember it is not a game.

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Sometimes people may anger you, but realise that they are stealing your energy. Someone can only steal your energy if YOU allow them to.

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Sometimes, I think one should only live in the present. The past is only a heavy burden to carry with you. And yet… it’s so hard to let them go… to forget… to move ahead…

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To earn more, you must learn more.

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To exemplify, -a beautiful glossy nut, which, blessed with original strength, has outlived all the storms of autumn. Not a puncture, not a weak spot any where. -This nut... while so many of its brethren have fallen and been trodden under foot, is still in possession of all the happiness that a hazel-nut can be supposed capable of.

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Sure it hurts, but if you love someone, you forgive them." Blanche
Somethings you forgive, somethings you never forgive." Kate

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Stephenson had large wrought-iron boiler plates available and he also had the courage of his calculations... The idea found its best-known expression in the Menai railway bridge opened in 1850. Stephenson's beams, which weighed 1,500 tons each, were built beside the Straits and were floated into position between the towers on rafts across a swirling tide. They were raised rather over a hundred feet up the towers by successive lifts with primitive hydraulic jacks. All this was not done without both apprehension and adventure; they were giants on the earth in those days.

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Definition of a Writer: One who tells stories that demand to be told.

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My Love tears me between the addiction of patience and urge of infinite desire

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Let people be the pursuits of happiness, you be the pursuit of perfection.

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As Christians you should be like bridges to Heaven; letting people walk on you to get there.

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Being broken isn't the worst thing. We can be mended and put together again. We don’t have to be ashamed of our past. We can embrace the history that gives us value, and see our cracks as beautiful.

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The enemy is Resistance.

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Just because I've walked into this crazy fantasy doesn't mean I can just abandon my other plans, much as I might want to.

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And so you know what I did with those sad things? I put them in boxes. I put the sad things in the boxes in my head, and I closed them up and I put tape on them and I stacked them up in the corner and threw a blanket over them."

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When a man is at peace he is a man, when angry he is an animal.

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If you are no trouble to your children now, they will be a trouble to you when they grow up.