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A friend is someone who can brighten your day with a simple smile, when others try to do it with a thousand words.

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I feel like, God expects me to be human. I feel like, God likes me just the way I am: broken and empty and bruised. I feel like, God doesn't look at me and wish that I were something else, because He likes me just this way. I feel like, God doesn't want me to close my eyes and pray for Him to make me holy or for Him to make me pure; because He made me human. I feel like, God already knows I'm human...it is I who needs to learn that.

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Let people be the pursuits of happiness, you be the pursuit of perfection.

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A champion is someone ho gets up,
een when he can't

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When a man is at peace he is a man, when angry he is an animal.

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Forgiveness is empowering for the forgiver. Years of resentment, frustration, and pain are set FREE!

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Hatred robs us of our soul.

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Don't allow him/her to have supremacy over you. People like them come and go, so never concede on finding the ideal soul-mate.

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Sometimes people may anger you, but realise that they are stealing your energy. Someone can only steal your energy if YOU allow them to.

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Beginning in itself has no value, it is an end which makes beginning meaningful, we must end what we begun.

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People have this dream of being unreachable. They build a name for themselves and then finally fulfill their dream of "being more important." Which just shows they were born from down below. Because when you're born from up above, your dreams have nowhere to go but downwards! And you dream of doing things in order to meet people, to know them, to understand the smallest importances!

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I wonder if only artists can feel peace like this—such a gentle, inconspicuous peace that an ordinary person might not even notice.

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I implore the atheist not to judge the religious and I implore the religious to not find fault with the atheist. Be a good religious person, or be a good atheist person. How? By putting an end to faultfinding. All do what they believe in their best interest to do and with a little insight and understanding, all can see that the only way anyone can do any good service to the world, is by being thankful for what is been given him, by looking inwards to correct his own faults instead of the perceived faults of others, and by keeping his eye upon his own horizon; not upon the perceived horizons of anybody else.

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Because she looks to the sky so often, people think that her life is sweet, that her eyes are dotted with dreamy stars. But quite the opposite is true and I wish they could see— she looks up so much because all around her it's hard to see without breaking her heart. She once saw in a movie a window sign that said "We're all in the gutter; but some of us are looking at the stars." From that movie onwards, she decided to look up! Doesn't mean her life is sweet, doesn't mean her eyes are dotted with dreamy stars.

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Belief is intellectual, it involves thinking, and it is a learned conditioning from the outside world: Fear arises out of beliefs.
Trust is created by conscious knowing of truth from within. Trust does not involve thinking as it only needs ones awareness. It is the innocence of a baby who trusts its mother without any doubt: Love arises out of trust.

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The Ego, The Thief that Steals Happiness from Our Hearts

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No one can know you better than two peoples in the world.
1- Yourself
2- Your Mirror

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Don't pass to other your bad experience in life it is for you to learn not for them to experience

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I went to the woods because I wished to lived deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

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Sometimes the things that are felt the most are expressed between two souls over the distance and over time...where no words abide. And others may speak freely, live with one another freely, express themselves freely– just like everyone else, but then there is you... you have no words for proof of reassurance, no tokens of professed love, but you have something. Something worth keeping.