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Prolonged stress causes the human body to make adaptations so it can continue to serve you at a functional level. The more stress, the more adaptations.

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The observer self, a part of who we really are, is that part of us that is watching both our false self and our True Self. We might say that it even watches us when we watch. It is our Consciousness, it is the core experience of our Child Within. It thus cannot be watched—at least by anything or any being that we know of on this earth. It transcends our five senses, our co-dependent self and all other lower, though necessary parts, of us.
Adult children may confuse their observer self with a kind of defense they may have used to avoid their Real Self and all of its feelings. One might call this defense “false observer self” since its awareness is clouded. It is unfocused as it “spaces” or “numbs out.” It denies and distorts our Child Within, and is often judgmental.

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No one gets out of this life alive.
So leave a footprint of your choice.
You are writing your epitaph.
You are writing it now!
Life is a process, not a goal.
Live it now, or you will miss it!
We have time to spend and no time to waste.

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Another way of remaining in intimacy with God is by remaining in His presence.

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Do you think we find Jesus, or does He find us?

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If we saw ourselves through the people's eyes we wouldn't be us anymore,we would change the flaws that make us perfect.

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Wrong Question: How to love?
Right Question: Why am I afraid to love?

Wrong Question: Why do you love me?
Right Question: Do I love myself as much as you do?

Wrong Question: Why does love hurt?
Right Question: Why do I live in fantasies and expect so much without really giving anything back?

Wrong Question: What will you do for me?
Right Question: Am I capable of making your life more beautiful?

Wrong interpretation: Let's be practical.
Right interpretation: Let's be wild and unconditional in our love without pretending.

Wrong Confession: I want love in life.
Right Confession: I am lonely and I will start by being friendly with myself first.

Wrong Advice: Mind and Thoughts
Right Advice: Heart

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BlessBacks: Souvenirs for those who express their gratitude to their illuminators.

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We always look behind, through, and beyond ourselves, never within.

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This bastard was in a self-help program? For what? Square-jawed, cleft-chin sufferers? Handsome Bastards Anonymous?